Graveyard Shift

Graveyard Shift

Graveyard Shift is a live-action card game. Your objective: stay alive.

The strategy is about managing your deck of cards to enhance your character during battle. You'll use cards to shapeshift into skeletons, wolves and people each with their own unique abilities.

Go forth and smite your enemies.

This game plays a little bit like MtG in that you're playing cards, and using energy to "cast" them.

You start with a deck of cards which is shuffled at the start of the game, and then every 3 seconds you draw a card unless you have 4 cards in your hand (max hand size).

When you play an energy card, you gain 1 energy.

You can then use the energy you've collected to play other cards in your hand based on their cost (Upper right number of the card)

Each card has a description in the bottom.

Shapeshifting cards have stats in the middle for Attack, Defense, and Speed.

You continue playing cards until you run out of cards in your deck, all the while trying to fight off an AI that's doing the same thing.