ProVizXR: Scalable AR & VR Platform

ProVizXR: Scalable AR & VR Platform

Virtual and augmented reality technologies are increasingly being used to create immersive experiences that engage audiences in new and exciting ways. However, creating these experiences can be challenging, requiring specialized software and technical expertise. That's where ProVizXR comes in - a powerful, yet easy-to-use web-based AR and VR scene builder that simplifies the process of creating immersive experiences.

ProVizXR offers native support for a range of devices, including Hololens, Magic Leap, Android, iOS, and Oculus. With its model import pipeline, you can optimize models for performance and create stunning, realistic environments. The integrated scene editor lets you easily add and manipulate objects and elements within your scene, while the no-code flow editor allows you to create custom logic without needing to write code.

One of the key features of ProVizXR is its support for a variety of target types, including plane targets, area targets, image targets, face targets, and model targets. This means that you can create experiences that are tailored to specific use cases, such as retail marketing or education. The platform also includes a Unity SDK and a fully-featured javascript SDK, so you can customize and adapt your own solution using the ProVizXR platform.

ProVizXR's intuitive interface makes it easy for both beginners and experts to create stunning AR and VR experiences. Whether you're building a virtual showroom for your products or a gamified training experience, ProVizXR can help you achieve your goals.

All of this functionality makes ProVizXR a versatile and powerful web-based AR and VR scene builder that simplifies the process of creating immersive experiences. With its support for a range of devices and target types, as well as its customizable SDKs, ProVizXR is a great choice for anyone looking to create engaging and interactive virtual and augmented reality experiences.

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